Who I’m supposed to be ain’t who I am (Railway Reality) -Neal Tiemann/MWK

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READ THIS FIRST. This is my fanfic journal. If you read my profile then you’ll know what you’re getting into. Summarily, flamers will be thrown to the wolves.

This journal is my place to enjoy the make believe that is “but what if they were in love with each other. How cool/sweet/hot/cute would that be? Can I be a voyeur?” This is not reality but I like my own world better. Expect lots of slash.

There isn’t much I won’t write so if you have squiks read my warnings. I try to be good about them. Feedback makes me happy. Feel free to give constructive criticism. I’m always working towards becoming a better writer.

My listed interests include my actual fandom interests and those I have written as part of a challenge or fic exchange. Some pairings/fandoms that I have written you may not see more about. There are fandoms I enjoy reading but find I’m not suited to write in. I have no idea why I connect as a writer to some fandoms and not others. I love Buffy/Angel but sadly can’t write in that fandom. On the other hand I fell into Cookleta like I’d always been there.

Other business... For those following Family's What You Make It, that story is on hold for now. For now I intend to finish it, no matter how long that takes. I'm not connecting to that story at the moment so there you have it.

This is my place to be me so you should know a few things. I’m a bisexual transman. I believe in freedom of self and respect of others. I believe in the power of the word. I believe in hope. I also write alot of angsty fics and I don’t always have a happy ending. Go figure.

Also if either picture in my banner or graphic in my profile is your's let me know so I can credit. DO NOT steal my banner, please and thank you.

Welcome to my world!