Title: He’s My Idol (polyamorous!Dave verse)
Author: like-i-love-you
Rating: pg
Pairings: Neal/Andy, Neal/David, Andy/David, David/Michael
Summary: It could be weird to say you’re watching your boyfriend flirt on national tv but it isn’t weird at all, not when Neal’s used to Dave flirting right in front of him.
Author’s Note’s: Prequal to After David. I guess two fics makes a verse, well that and I’d like to write more. I’m hoping to keep each story able to stand alone as these two do. (Not a WIP, I already have to many.)
Word Count: 621

Neal doesn’t like to share but he’s been sharing Andy ever since David Cook showed up. He’d tried to hold on but David has a way with people and he could see the stars in Andy’s eyes. When it came down to it, he could share Andy or he could let him go. So maybe he’s a selfish bastard but Andy was his first.

He thought sharing Andy would be harder than it has been, though in the beginning he almost called it off more times then he can count. He’d pick up the phone to call Andy, to tell him he had to choose, but Neal was always afraid of loosing. He’s not afraid now. He knows that Andy isn’t going anywhere, isn’t going to choose Dave over him. Neal can say he got that before he ever got Dave, and he means that both ways.

Dave isn’t any of the things Neal had been afraid of. Dave’s heart is just too big, he doesn’t know how not to love. Neal never expected to be one of those people, but he is, and not as some package deal. Dave loves him for himself, and Neal- he loves Dave right back. He never saw it coming but here he is.

It could be weird to say you’re watching your boyfriend flirt on national tv but it isn’t weird at all, not when Neal’s used to Dave flirting right in front of him. It’s a little different this time because it’s some one he hasn’t met. Dave maybe sleeping with more than one person at a time but he doesn’t do casual. He also doesn’t do married or committed unless he knows both parties and it’s a little uncomfortable to know Michael’s marriage is in trouble when he hasn’t met him and it isn’t common knowledge. Of course if Dave gets what he wants Neal’s going to end up knowing Michael fairly well, and, from personal experience, he can say Dave is good at getting what he wants or rather who he wants.

Phone calls always start out with “I miss you” and “you’re coming with me if I win this thing” and end up with stories about Michael. David never comes right out and says he’s interested but he doesn’t have to and he knows that. David trusts that Neal knows him by now, and he does. They don’t always talk about it but Andy’s phone calls are pretty much the same.

Neal never asks Andy what he says to David’s invite (he doesn’t ask David either), unwilling to put him on the spot. He doesn’t really give Dave an answer because he can’t. If Andy doesn’t want to step back to play for Dave then Neal is sticking with the Midwest Kings, with Andy.

When Michael gets eliminated it’s a surprise to most everyone. David’s phone calls transition from I miss you to I miss Michael faster than they ever transitioned to stories. It is after Michael goes home that David finally says “I’m interested, he’s interested” and fills them in on Michael’s marriage. David also says “You’ll like him” and Neal figures he will- David has good taste in people.

So Neal spends Tuesday and Wednesday evenings curled up with his boyfriend watching his other boyfriend flirt on national tv. Michael’s gone home but there’s still Archie and David is finally seeing him. Neal knows that David has no clue he’s doing it, it’s a different kind of flirting. Still, in a year or two, when Archie is 18 or 19, Neal knows he’ll have to share David with Archie- if the kid’s interested. Neal’s used to sharing David though, and he’ll always have Andy.