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Be aware a number of these fics were written for a Christmas card exchange so I did not put in the time I would usually spend on a fic. There a number of drabbles and song fics since I was looking to produce a lot of fics. There are full length fics though.
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ContestAmerican Idol SlashCriminal Minds Slash, M/M/FCSI SlashCSI: Miami Slash
CSI: NY Slash Harry Potter SlashNumb3rs SlashSupernatural Gen & SlashTwilight Series Slash & Het
Crossover SlashRPSSam/Dean/Charlie/Don Family's What You Make It...Original Fiction
Trying to Belong (Part 1) Sam/Dean

Trying to Belong (Part 2) Sam/Dean/Charlie

Trying to Belong (Part 3) Sam/Dean/Charlie

Trying to Belong (Part 4) Sam/Dean/Charlie, mentioned: Angel/Lindsey, Angel/Doyle, Lindsey/Doyle
I don't currently have internet and haven't for a while, so that's why I haven't been around. I do have intentions of finishing my out standing work. Below is my list of WIPs for anyone who follows me because of one of them.

-Family's What You Make It (Supernatural/Numb3rs/Angel)
-Ghosts and Alcohol (AI 7 David, Archie, Michael)
-Coming to Know... [Me] You (AI 8 closeted, assaulted Kris)
-In The Face of an Alien Invasion (AI 7 Archie, Andy, Drew)

If I've left something off the list that you are waiting on, remind me. I am posting from the library so I can't check my WIPs folder.

I also hope to write more polyamorous!Dave verse and the asexual Archie piece.
Title: The Album
Couple: Emmett/Jasper
Prompt: #18: photograph for twislash_100
Word Count: 108

Read more...Collapse )
Title: Do What You Have To
Couple: Emmett/Jasper
Prompt: 16: Wolfpack @ twislash_100
Word Count: 315

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Title: He’s My Idol (polyamorous!Dave verse)
Author: like-i-love-you
Rating: pg
Pairings: Neal/Andy, Neal/David, Andy/David, David/Michael
Summary: It could be weird to say you’re watching your boyfriend flirt on national tv but it isn’t weird at all, not when Neal’s used to Dave flirting right in front of him.
Author’s Note’s: Prequal to After David. I guess two fics makes a verse, well that and I’d like to write more. I’m hoping to keep each story able to stand alone as these two do. (Not a WIP, I already have to many.)
Word Count: 621

Onto the story!Collapse )
Title: After David (polyamorous!Dave verse)
Author: like-i-love-you
Rating: R for mention of sex but essentially no description
Pairings: Archie/Ryan Star, Neal/Andy (not really mentioned but intended), (in the past Dave/Neal & Dave/Andy & Dave/Michael Johns)
Summary: Archie knows the church thinks he’s going to hell for so many things but he’s come to terms with that. This though, on this Archie thinks the church might be right and even if he isn’t going to hell for this it’s still wrong. He just doesn’t know how to stop.
Word Count: 1116
Warning: David Cook is already dead at the start of the fic. Ryan Star ends up being the bad guy.
Author’s Note: I am hoping to write a sequel but this can stand alone.

Onto the fic!Collapse )
AUTHOR: like-i-love-you
PAIRING: Apolo Ohno/JR Celski
SUMMARY: J.R. is not dealing well with Apolo’s death.
Warning: Deathfic, although the death has happened before the start of the story.

The StoryCollapse )
Title: DP Drabbles 1-5
Author: like-i-love-you
Pairings: David/Drew; Andy/Kyle; Kyle/Drew; Archie/?; Andy/Neal
Rating: pg13
Summary: 5 pairings and 5 happy endings. David sings for Drew. Andy takes care of Kyle. Drew is a teacher. Archie screws up and has to fix his relationship. Andy and Neal always find each other.
Word Count: 4663
Warnings: David Cook/Andrew Cook is the first pairing. I have used two cuts so you can skip over that drabble if you wish.
Author's Note: If you really want to know the Archie pairing read the tags. The story is deliberately written so the pairing is a surprise at the end.

David Cook/Andrew CookCollapse )

the other 4 pairingsCollapse )
In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer, and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it: post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

For my Aunt Sally whom I never knew.