I don't currently have internet and haven't for a while, so that's why I haven't been around. I do have intentions of finishing my out standing work. Below is my list of WIPs for anyone who follows me because of one of them.

-Family's What You Make It (Supernatural/Numb3rs/Angel)
-Ghosts and Alcohol (AI 7 David, Archie, Michael)
-Coming to Know... [Me] You (AI 8 closeted, assaulted Kris)
-In The Face of an Alien Invasion (AI 7 Archie, Andy, Drew)

If I've left something off the list that you are waiting on, remind me. I am posting from the library so I can't check my WIPs folder.

I also hope to write more polyamorous!Dave verse and the asexual Archie piece.